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Epic Mineral Beauty is your brand without titanium dioxide, mica, carmine, bismuth, talc, parabens–and so much  more–without any ‘iffy’ crud.

Is titanium dioxide safe? Is there makeup without titanium dioxide? How about mica? Bismuth oxychloride? Talc? What about makeup without gluten? And parabens, which pose danger the public is finally picking up on? Nanoparticles? Coated particles? The quest for the best products for sensitive skin can be daunting, but alas! We’re here to help your intelligent, beautiful self: Epic Mineral Beauty is your brand without titanium dioxide, mica, carmine, bismuth, talc, parabents–and so much  more–without any ‘iffy’ crud.

You know that what goes on your body goes into your body, so you’re detoxing your makeup bag, eh? Good for you! Mental high-five/fist-pound/chest-bump! So you’re making the switch from everyday drugstore makeup that’s loaded with non-epic ingredients and switching to mineral makeup . . .

Sounds great. That’s just it–it sounds great–but is it?

Even mineral makeup can irritate sensitive skin.

Does your skin itch?

Do you have little bumps?

Straight-up allergies?

Simply health-savvy?

That expensive mineral makeup you just bought because it’s big-name and everybody uses it and the woman at the counter said it’s amazing? Might totally be irritating–if not endangering–you.

In fact, many lines use irritating bismuth oxychloride, which is related to arsenic, titanium dioxide, which can be especially dangerous in nanoparticle (itty bitty particle) form, mica, which construction workers know to wear masks around as to avoid inhalation, and other ingredients that Epic Mineral Beauty shuns. In a nutshell, here’s why you’ve clearly got some epic taste in mineral makeup and beauty products:

  • Few lines exist with so few pure, non-toxic, EPIC ingredients, free of potentially irritating if not dangerous mineral makeup ingredients mica and titanium dioxide (along with bismuth oxychloride, talc, nanoparticles, and so forth. Read more below on why to avoid mica and titanium dioxide and why we’re the purest of pure mineral makeup out there.)
  • Epic Mineral Beauty uses high-micron particles (that is, large particles that, unlike nanoparticles common to many mineral lines, do not alter DNA)
  • Epic Mineral Beauty utilizes few simple, high-performance ingredients to ensure a healthy, beautiful result
  • Epic is free of dangerous ingredients such as harsh chemicals, dyes, parabens, nanoparticles, petroleums, synthetic and artificial anything. Many lines utilize nanoparticles and do not disclose this fact (more on their danger below).mica titanium dioxide free blush eyeshadow foundation
  • Our products are cruelty-free
  • The individual ingredients making up Epic Mineral Beauty products are cruelty-free; we are vegan
  • Epic Mineral Beauty is gluten-free
  • At least ten percent of our profits benefit animals and people without homes. Thank you for your support.

It’s your only body: Watch what goes in and ON it.

Many lines use nanoparticles, itty bitty particles that blend well but are so small they can penetrate pores and alter DNA! Studies in which subjects applied products with microfine particles versus regular particles show that, after two to four weeks, skin does in fact absorb the nanoparticles, that “they can penetrate the cells, leading to photocatalysis within the cell, causing DNA damage . . . (Powell, et. Al 1996).”

Titanium dioxide in micro-fine form might be especially dangerous, and mica, too, can be irritating, so we have foregone any even potentially harmful ingredients:

Alternative Medicine iterates that while it’s no secret that bismuth oxychloride can be irritating, titanium dioxide can possibly negatively affect one’s lungsThere is concern that when titanium dioxide is breathed in, it is moderately carcinogenic. We like the word moderate when somebody’s referring to our ability to handle cake and ice cream. Too bad the only word associated with us and a dessert buffet is barbaric, but that’s neither here nor there. Bottom line? We prefer there be low to no risk associated with the ingredients that we choose to put on our bodies. After all, more than half of what goes on our skin goes into our bodies. And it’s a whole other beast when we’re straight-up breathing the particles in. This helps explain why we’re one of the few lines out there with mica- and titanium dioxide-free high-micron mineral makeup (learn more in our q&a section!).

We’re not saying mineral makeup with titanium dioxide is red-flag toxic. We just don’t like the risk. What’s your take? What do you consider to be epically healthy and safe when it comes to what goes on–and therefore into–our bodies?

Choose the best natural makeup without titanium dioxide, mica, bismuth, and so many other chemicals in even “natural” brands.

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Want more info on the lowdown on mineral makeup? Consider these resources to further enforce why your choosing Epic Mineral Beauty is, well, a rather epic choice for your most minimal-in-ingredients titanium dioxide-free and mica-free makeup:


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